Happy New Year! From the desk of CARWVC President Sarah Wetherby.

Happy New Year! 2022 is going to be a big year. I know it sounds trite and overused, but the elections this fall are going to be vitally important. North Carolina and the nation are sitting on a knife’s edge. The election of 2022 will determine the future of our nation. 

The Democrats are pushing hard for division and chaos, hoping these will give them an edge so that they can continue pushing the nation over the brink into permanent socialism. We must take back a supermajority in the NC House and Senate, regain the majority in the US House and hopefully the US Senate too. And don’t forget the statewide judicial races; Republicans hold a majority of seats in the NC Court of Appeals but are still in the minority in the NC Supreme Court. We need more conservative Supreme Court Justices that respect the Constitutions of North Carolina and the United States.

Against this backdrop, the Democrats are still employing their “sue until blue” strategy to replace the legislative maps that the NC General Assembly passed this year. Already our primary elections have been postponed until May 17th because of lawsuits filed on behalf of the Democratic Party. 

At this point, we need all hands on deck for this election cycle, which means we need your help. There are many ways to get involved, support Republican candidates and conservative legislation.

  • Find a candidate or candidates to support. Donate time and money. Volunteer for them. Share their posts and emails. Host a meet & greet. Help them get their message out. This is going to be a long primary season, and for those who win primary elections, a sprint to the finish line in November. We need to elect Republicans at every level.
  • Consider running for office. This option may not be everyone’s choice, and that is okay. But we cannot allow Democrats to walk into elected positions without a challenge. Make them spend their money.
  • Get involved in your local/county GOP. In North Carolina, counties will be holding precinct meetings in February to organize the precincts. This is a great way to get involved with like-minded friends and neighbors. Contact your county GOP office and get on their mailing lists now so that you don’t miss out. March will bring county conventions and chances to meet candidates.
  • Consider becoming an election official to be our eyes on the inside of the election apparatus. Everyone wants fair elections, and county Boards of Elections must hire elections officials from all parties if they are available. Unfortunately, most of the time the majority of applicants are Democrats. We need people on the inside to make sure the elections are fair and honest. Contact your county Board of Elections now and apply for these positions.

Most of us are still fired up over the 2020 elections, but we cannot go backwards. It’s time to funnel the anger and fight for what is right. We need your help.

Please mark your calendar now for our monthly meetings, at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of each month on Zoom. We have exciting speakers lined up!

And please join us on January 22, 2022 at 2 pm at Fortnight Brewery, 1006 SW Maynard Rd; Cary NC 27511, for our first social event of the year. I’ll be there!

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