Hello world!

“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!”

That’s what greeted me when I sat down to begin creating a website for the club I had already created in my head. It was daunting because I had never created a website before and I had no idea how to begin. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me take you back to 2019.

Whrrrrr…… (That’s the sound of my way-back time machine).

I have been involved in politics in Wake County, North Carolina since 2009. At that time I attended some protests, went to some town halls, and listened to some speakers, but I wanted to find a way to plug into the political process. It took some time because I was busy raising kids and dealing with lots of life issues. As I became more involved, I found it hard at times to talk to friends and neighbors about political issues. We’ve all had that experience. However, I found loads of women and men talking about political issues on social media, and so many of them found themselves where I was a decade ago, wanting to plug in but not knowing where to start. I invited many women to join a traditional Republican women’s club, as I had found value uniting with other women under the banner of my local club, the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women, and the National Federation of Republican Women. But I noticed that so many who want to be involved were not able to attend traditional meetings because of work and family obligations, time constraints, and geography.

Then last fall I was introduced to the idea of a virtual club. It seemed to be the answer. I floated the idea, talked to a bunch of politically active women, then started forming an exploratory committee. Out of that an organizing committee was born, and we met online to write bylaws, set dues, and elect officers. Then we had to wait. There were some hiccups and unforeseen delays. But we submitted our charter application in March.

At this point in time there are only a handful of virtual clubs under the banner of the National Federation of Republican Women, and none in North Carolina. This is something completely new. The club executive committee has been working hard to learn about the technology that is available and learn how to use it. I took a crash course on WordPress; and the website was born after days of labor. There is still lots to learn and lots of modalities to explore. The club may look completely different in a year than it does right now, which is a small group of women with a shared dream, a little website, and the beginnings of a social media presence.

But 2020 is here and the political scene is heating up fast. Or it was……until after the North Carolina primary elections COVID hit, and we all have found ourselves at home unable to attend traditional meetings. It’s a good thing a virtual club is now here, providing a meeting environment suited to this season in history: your own living room, kitchen table, home office, or anywhere else you can set up your computer.

Please check out our Facebook Page: Capital Area Republican Women Virtual Club. You can RSVP for our initial meeting on April 15th at 7 pm there or you can RSVP on this website.

I hope you can join us at our initial meeting! And I hope you will consider becoming a full or associate member. If you are interested in membership, click on Membership in CARWVC. I’m looking forward to creating this club with your help!

See you on the 15th!

Sarah Wetherby
CARWVC President

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