July Meeting Wrap Up

Thank you for those who attended tonight’s meeting! Despite some technical glitches, it was a successful meeting. I thank the members, guests and speakers who joined us.

We heard from Katye Griffin, on behalf of her husband, Court of Appeals candidate Jefferson Griffin, who is currently a District Court Judge and a deployed JAG officer. It is so vitally important we all support Jefferson and his campaign. You can donate and get more information at https://www.jeffersongriffin.com.

Our speaker tonight was Susan Tillis, wife of our own Senator Thom Tillis. He is in the fight of his life right now, and his challenger is raising loads of money from outside of North Carolina. We want a Senator who will continue to represent North Carolinians, not out of state donors. Thank you, Mrs. Tillis for join us and for being a member of our club! To support Senator Tillis’s reelection campaign, go to: https://www.thomtillis.com

We have three months until early voting starts, so please help us get the word out about these and all our Republican candidates.

We are now officially members of the NCFRW and NFRW, as NCFRW Assistant Treasurer emailed me yesterday. Each member should be receiving emails from both the NCFRW and NFRW full of great information about what Republican women are doing in North Carolina and Nationally.

If you are not already a member, we invite you to become a member. It’s easy to join! Look for the big red button that says, “Click Here to Join”. Full membership is open to Republican women who live in the Capital Region of the NCFRW (Wake and surrounding counties). Republican women who live outside of the Capital Area or are already members of a federated Republican women’s club and Republican men are eligible to become Associate Members. Dues are $45 annually for full members and $25 for Associate members. Become a member today!

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